Patient Testimonials

We all know that successful weight loss is much more than calories in vs. calories out, or “eat less and work out more.”

Our client Nancy “Tootie” Rinker and Sarah Sutton (Behavioral Therapist) discuss what makes the Honest approach different, and how our integrative treatments to weight loss have impacted her life.

Despite my busy schedule, balancing work and family life, the Honest team catered to my needs and provided me with a plan that fit into my schedule. I finally feel like I have a team that truly supports me and has my best interest at heart. The Honest team took the time to understand my unique needs, and to create a program that works perfectly with my demanding lifestyle.”Catherine M.
I am so happy that my physician introduced me to the Honest program. They work with me, along with my physician, to ensure meeting weekly goals and equipping me to overcome hurdles that have stopped me in the past. With this comprehensive program so much is possible.”Claire D.
The Honest program has allowed me to get the help I needed, at the time I needed it. They offer services on the weekends and evenings – perfect for my schedule. All of the clinicians are great individuals, in addition to being highly skilled. Thank you, Honest!Jessica B.