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Honest Medical Weight Loss
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Medical Weight Loss Franchise Centers
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Low Calorie Fasting Programs
  • Watching Dr. Oz
  • Going to a Gym or Fitness Center
Philosophy & Practices Integrated and individualized programs delivered in the comfort of your home. Care from a multidisciplinary team of obesity-trained clinicians who work alongside your physician to address the conditions caused by obesity (diabetes, hypertension, hormonal imbalance, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, etc).
Invasive surgery that restricts food intake as a solution to obesity. Overlooks other factors such as depression, food preferences, social and family events involving consuming palatable foods.
Promote injections, meal replacements, and other methods proven to be ineffective long term
Use of prescription drugs that are not effective unless paired with lifestyle modification
Don’t use real foods and achieve weight loss through meal replacement bars and shakes with poor taste
Promote programs with questionable scientific support
Only addresses one aspect of weight loss and do not provide nutritional and behavioral guidance
Physician Supervision and Evidence-Based Protocols Integrated programs delivered by Nutritionists, Behavioral Therapists and Fitness Specialists. Each program is created based on your unique needs. This multidisciplinary and clinically-proven approach earned Honest a nomination for Innovator of the Year in 2016.
Procedures are often risky and invasive. Extensive long-term side effects have been linked to surgical procedures such as gastric bypasses.
Limited face time, untrained staff – mostly sales people selling you products. Little-to-no interaction with providers trained in Obesity Medicine
Research still being done on many of the FDA-approved drugs. Side effects may vary between individuals.
No physician supervision, many patients report extensive side effects like fatigue, constipation, and gallstones.
Programs discussed offer no physician supervision
No physician supervision or nutrition/emotional protocol utilized
Long Term Weight Control Sustainability Clinically-proven methods that bring together our clinical team and your medical providers. These in-home and individualized programs enable you to develop lifelong habits
Extensive side effects have been linked to bariatric surgery. The most common are: hemorrhage, bowl obstruction, dumping syndrome, and gallstones.
Most people regain all of their weight back when they conclude their paid services.
Drugs require chronic use, leading to high cost and limited long-term results.
Real foods generally not used, requires continuous purchase of expensive meal replacements.
Focus on temporary fad-diets rather than sustainable weight loss methods
Exercise leads to increased appetite, which may lead to weight gain without proper nutritional guidance
Continuing Success Programs Our clinicians check in on you following your completion of our program. You may attend group meetings with other Honest alumni and clinicians at a discounted rate.
Surgical team provides little post-operative support. Lack of support and medical complications lead most patients to require re-operations.
Unable to assess home environment to create an environment for sustained success
Lifestyle modification support not provided by many prescribing providers.
Lack of focus on behavior modification makes most people unable to keep the weight off
Programs that are generalized and medically irrelevant.
Require expensive memberships and continued large time commitments.
Lifestyle Modifications Work closely with you to create new, healthy, and long-lasting habits. Focus on physical exercise, nutritional education, and behavior modification.
These invasive procedures lead to drastic lifestyle change and a limited ability to eat normal foods and participate in traditional social events.
Little-to-no face time with obesity-trained clinicians leads to limited implementation of new habits.
Lifestyle changes that go away once you are no longer taking the drugs.
Require you to continue purchasing expensive meal replacements and memberships. No implementation of healthy heabits.
Promoting different lifestyles that lack consistency, and are often contradictory to each other
Demands continuous time commitment that most busy professionals do not have
Obesity-Trained Clinicians Integrated care from a team of clinicians with extensive training in Preventive Health. Every Honest team member has undergone specialized training focused on the treatment of obesity through education and behavioral modification.
Surgeons trained in surgical procedures who often times fail to provide nutritional and behavioral education to encourage true lifestyle modifications.
Very few staff trained in treating obesity. Little-to-no interaction with highly-trained medical providers.
Often prescribed by physicians with little training in Obesity Medicine. Lifestyle modifications are typically overlooked, making the results unsustainable.
Program carried out by sales teams, who receive expedited training focused on upselling their products
Dr. Oz is not an obesity-trained physician and provides medical advice based on the ability to get higher TV ratings
Do not have obesity-trained clinicians at all
What if my whole family is overweight? We provide care for the whole family, focusing on creating programs that work within the unique structure of your family, providing every member with the nutritional and behavioral support to develop lasting healthy habits.
Surgery may not be appropriate for all family members, particularly children and teenagers.
Expect you to succeed despite family members who are not supportive or who offer resistance to your progress
Drugs may not be safe for everyone, some people experience severe side effects
Encourage you to convince your family members to start using their products and methodologies
Methods discussed don’t typically use a “whole family” approach
Family memberships can be expensive, and requires traveling to the gym
Cooking lessons with a Registered Dietitian. Our dietitians teach you how to prepare healthy recipes that are delicious, nutritious, and filling for the whole family
Brief meetings with Dietitians to create low-calorie diet plans with no culinary education.
Most don’t offer 1-on-1 cooking lessons
No hands-on nutritional education. Many drugs restrict the body’s ability to absorb and metabolize nutrients
Ask you to buy their specific products, no focus on nutritional education
Recipes discussed are typically bland and don’t take into account your personal preferences
No type of culinary education addressed
Grocery Store trips with a Registered Dietitian Learn how to identify and pick healthy foods by visiting your preferred grocery store
No services provided outside of the provider’s office
Grocery shopping education generally not addressed in a practical manner
Drugs frequently prescribed by providers lacking training on nutrition and obesity medicine.
No grocery shopping involved, programs require you to buy their specific expensive products
Show promotes brands and programs that sponsor it, not necessarily ones that are healthy and effective
No Registered Dietitians employed and no grocery store trips available for clients