Our Background

Honest Medical Weight Loss provides clients with an in-home and integrative approach to weight loss. By providing care from a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, we deliver comprehensive treatment plans that address weight loss from every angle: Nutritional, Behavioral and Physical. Our team includes Registered Dietitians, Behavioral Therapists, Certified Personal Trainers and Yoga Instructors. We work with your Primary Care Physician to keep them informed during your weight loss journey.

Our clinicians understand that every client is different and unique, and they work with you to create a program tailored for your lifestyle and schedule. Our programs are designed to address the most common barriers people face when attempting to lose weight (time limitations, yo-yo dieting, lack of support and accountability), thus empowering you to lose weight without surgery, pills, bars or shakes.

As part of our goal to address obesity in the most comprehensive form, we also offer Pediatric and Adolescent programs. These focus on educating the whole family, while providing fun and safe exercises and activities. Our highly-trained team joins forces with your Pediatricians and Family Physicians to create programs that meet your family’s unique needs!

No gimmicks. Just results. And, we come to your home.

Our 4 Pillars of Success

Treatment in Your Home

  • We bring the clinicians to you!
  • Care in the privacy and comfort of your home
  • Unrivaled in-person access to your Clinical Team.
  • Weekend and evenings availability.
  • No expensive equipment or gym memberships.

Care for the Whole Family

  • It’s easier to push yourself if you have loved ones pulling for you
  • We work with the whole family to implement healthy habits.
  • Educating family members on ways to support and encourage your progress
  • Fun and team-building activities as a family.

Medically Proven Process

  • Integrated care from a highly-trained team of clinicians.
  • Multidisciplinary approach to weight loss
  • Frequent check-ups and follow ups
  • Clinicians with extensive experience in obesity medicine

Lifetime Weight Control

  • Behavioral Modification to ensure long-term weight loss
  • Educative process to empower you to develop new habits
  • Learn how to grocery shop for healthy foods
  • Cooking demonstrations with our Registered Dietitians


All of Honest Medical Weight Loss services are based on bioindividuality. This is the belief that each client has had a different experience with weight loss and demands a program that is designed to meet their individual needs. We fundamentally believe that the same weight loss plan doesn’t work for everyone. It needs to be customized for your body, your lifestyle and your goals. Our client-centered care approach ensures that we implement changes at a reasonable pace to ensure long term sustainability.